GT40 Engine MDA has been supplying parts for 16 years working with GT40 and other replica vehicles. Manufacturing specially engineered items that make up a complete package for the customer to build. From the adaptor plates that connect a small block Ford V8 302 to a Renault Transaxle, to the knock on pin drive wheel hubs and fabricated hub carriers. We supply interior upholstery, windows and headlamp covers, all the louvers grills and body hardware. For the complete component package, talk to us!

Produced as a steel space frame chassis with integral structural rigidity we have developed a jig built chassis from a concept supplied by an ex formula racing company. This concept chassis was then proven, drawn and reverse engineered to produce our chassis. It is subsequently different from other marks, having fixed bracket suspension with adjustable arms, lower engine cradle position, front suspension pick ups have been developed to counter the problems other chassis have and there is substantially more leg room in our chassis.

The chassis have other features such as a centre spine to mount gearshift for our left hand drive customers. We have installed the mounting plates and positions for the Full RAC spec roll cage (current regulations 2001) as standard so you install the roll cage for your GT40 without welding or drilling new positions.

The rear engine area is radically different. The engine and gearbox mounting position is lower. There is more clearance around the front end of the engine (a particular problem) centre of gravity is therefore greatly improved. Because the suspension is fully adjustable, you can be assured of setting up the ride handling for your enjoyment. We supply Modified Renault transaxles with a 3;44 final drive. Our chassis is configured to this unit, though on request we can accommodate most other transaxles.

Body Shells

Our Body jigs and moulds have been taken from an earlier more accurate set of Body panels. We have worked very hard in producGT40ing our body panels to be sure of constant quality and fitment. Offered as lightweight road use, you can be assured of the best panels for this chassis. We have made them so that there is as little trimming and preparation work required as possible.
We can supply lighter weight panels for racing and even cold-formed carbon fibre is an option. We offer the original mark one version. If you require air scoops or other body options we are more than happy to supply. The body is reinforced with steel plate and tube in places with Cormatt GRP. Our body technicians are GRP toolmakers of the highest calibre and they regularly supply the aircraft industry and the MOD.


We are currently using 302 Ford V8 Small block. We offer a Road version at 330 hp. Road/Race engines start at 350hp upwards. POA.


Renault TransaxleUN1. This is available in three main formats. Road version 3;44 final drive modified ready to fit. Road/race version 3;44 final drive with LSD. Race version with LSD, Modified shafts and internals by Quaife Engineering.


Knock on pin drive BRM or Halibrand replica GT40 wheels with nuts or spinners. Various insets and offsets available. Wheel stud versions also available on request.

Braking equipment

A.P.Racing. Tilton, Alcon, Brembow, Girling, Lockheed, Goodridge, Willwood are just some of the names we supply. The MDA pedal box is a twin bias adjustable unit that can incorporate most manufacturers master cylinders.


Adjustable SVA approved steering column, intermediate shaft assembly with standard or quick rack type.


Independent wishbones front and rear. Fully adjustable, Rose jointed or nylon bushed version. Coil over shock absorbers standard or fully adjustable rebuildable versions also stocked.

Exhaust systems

Full crossover system in either Mild steel sand bent primaries with twin silencers or in stainless steel crossover with twin silencers. 1″5/8 or 1″3/4 headers.

Drive train

Billet steel light & balanced flywheel specially engineered for the Ford and A.P.Racing clutch with either Organic or cerametalic plates. Drive shafts are of EN24T hardened steel purpose made. Drive shaft adaptors are for the gearbox specifically for the installation. Hi torque starter motors compliment the package.

Fuel System

Aluminium fuel tanks are of the highest spec with the cells filled with explosafetm. Fuel delivery is by way of high volume pumps through filter regulators via Goodridge Aeroquip lines. The original fuel caps are also used.

Cooling system

Aluminium radiator, stainless steel or aluminium water pipes, silicone hoses, aluminium expansion tank and bleed valve assembly.

SVA vehicle testing is an issue with UK customers

We have passed many vehicles through these tests. We have the wealth of experience and the capacity to move forward and continue to adapt our product to meet the criteria of these tests. This is our mission statement. We will always advise self-build clients as to the ways and means to a successful finished product.

Interested in building a GT40?

We have a variety of packages for our products. Starting from a chassis to our full component package. We can supply tailor made kits of parts to suit your needs or a high specification race-car ready to assemble.

Can’t build, won’t build?

That’s fine, we can build it for you! We have built over twenty cars of different specifications. We have the workshop facilities, the knowledge and the expertise. Whatever your needs, discuss your requirements with us for a suitable solution.