Basic Body & Chassis Packages:

Contains a full space frame chassis complete with adjustable suspension arms front & rear. Shock absorbers & springs. Wheel hubs and ball-joints. Hub carriers front & rear. With a galvatex steel floor pan (optional) and all mounting brackets for the body fitment.

Body is comprised of front panel, centre section, rear panel, left and right doors & sill panels. Front bonnet insert panel & light back panels. The body made from lightweight GRP is trimmed & trial fitted to the chassis prior to customer collection. Standard colour of mid grey gelcoat finish. Other colours are optional. Body mounting bars & Door hinge mounting brackets are included.

Body & chassis Package as described above starts at.
Body chassis package with Aluminium panels fitted.
Body chassis package plus panels fitted & brake lines.
Body chassis package plus panels fitted, brake lines fitted, flexible brakes pipes. 4 pot calliper brakes front & vented discs. Rear vented discs and upgrade calliper with handbrake facility. Twin bias pedal assembly with cylinders, adjustable lever, throttle pedal with needle roller bearing fitted. All the brakes fitted.
Body chassis package with all the above plus steering components fitted: Column adjustable type, intermediate shafts, Steering rack and mounting kit.
Body chassis package with all the above plus Fuel system installed complete. Fuel Tanks, Fuel tank fitting kit with pipes and hoses, Fuel caps, fuel pumps & filters, Fuel line pack in Aeroquip braided up to the engine. £16,500